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Terms & Condition:

By logging in to the site of you become bound to the below mentioned terms and conditions. An individual should also keep this mind that the company can change the terms and conditions and we assume that the client accept these modified terms and conditions. Hence, it is recommended to keep visiting the link of ‘Terms of Use’ of the site on regular basis to stay updated about the newly introduced or any modified terms or conditions of the company. Here are the detailed Terms of Use that is refer to the site of the company, the owners, employees ad well as the associates of the company.

1. Registration:

By registering with use, you declare that the information provided by you is accurate. The company reserves right, in the sole discretions, to refute you assess to the site without the notice for the below mentioned reasons (i) immediately by the Unique Research for any unauthorized use or access by you (ii) immediately by the Unique Research if you transfer and assign any of the rights that is settled to you as per this Agreement (iii) immediately, if in any case you violate any of the terms and conditions of the user agreement.

2. License:

Unique Research allows you limited, non-assignable, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use Unique Research. com expressly and provided conditioned based on the agreement that you make with us that include the use and access will be directed by the terms and conditions that has been set forth in the user agreement.

3. No Retransmission & Copyright of Information:

The style and information of the is exclusive and valuable property of the site and nothing of the agreement shall be designed as assigning and transferring any ownership rights to client or any other entity or individual. The entire call information of the site is confidential and proprietary property of the company tha t cannot be continual in either way of stock call details made on site for any purpose whatsoever. You accept that if you do re-post any of the calls in any mode, you become liable to punitive and actual damages as determined by the company and additional damage as per the Indian Court of Law. You may not redistribute, resell, transfer or broadcast the information, machine-readable details unless specifically and separately authorized in writing by the site prior to the use. You may also not lease, rent, distribute, copy, transfer, publicly display, adapt, publish, time share or store, any information accessed or received there from to or by any other individual unless specifically or separately authorized in complete writing by the site prior to the use. In addition to this you may not alter, obscure or remove any copyright, proprietary or legal notices in or in any portions of the without any kind of prior written declaration expect as set the forth herein. Any other form of use of information contained in Unique Research needs prior written consent of the site and may need separate fee.

4. Delays in Services:

Unique Research is neither liable to any kind of liability or loss resulting, indirectly or directly, from interruptions or delays due to the mechanical or electronic machine failures, telephone connection defect, strikes, weather, walkouts, strikes, acts of God, fire, armed conflicts, riots, acts of war or any other causes. The site shall have no liability to provide you the access to the due to the interruption of the site in any of such causes continues.

5. Liability Disclaimer:

You willingly agree that you use this site as on your own risk. The information, content, product, features, service, software published on this site may also include typographical errors or inaccuracy. Modifications are regularly added to content. The company or the respective suppliers may do some changes or improvement in this site at any time period. This website may also be remaining temporary unavailable due to needed telecommunication problems, maintenance or any sort of other problems. shall not be responsible to member or user to discontinue to modify all or any of contents, software, information, products, services and features that get published in the site. The company or the respective associated entities create no representation of the suitability of contents, information, products, software, features, software and services available on the site for any purpose. All such information, contents, products, software, services and features are provided without any sort of warranty. The site or the associated entities also disclaim all conditions and warranties with the regard to the contents, software, information, products, services, features and products that includes all the conditions and warranties of the fitness for particular purpose, merchantability, non-infringement, title and availability. The company or the associated entities of the site be liable to any indirect, direct, incidental, punitive, consequential, special damages arising out of way connected with use of the site or with inability or delay to use the site or for the contents, software, information, features, services and product obtained through the site or anyway arising out the use of the website, based on tort, c ontract, liability or in any way, even if the site or any of its associates has been informed of possibility of the damages.

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